Organic Marketing for your Business

Last week we were talking about how to improve your businesses ‘Organic Reach’. Now, lets talk about how you can optimise your businesses ‘Organic Marketing edge’.

So, what is your ‘Organic Marketing Edge’? In today’s social media world – the edge is communication and relationship building. When we are being physically distanced from each other, personal touches in your organic strategy will help to humanise your brand and make it feel as though people are communicating with an actual person instead of some faceless brand or robot.        

People Communicating with other people via social media - a good example for organic marketing for your business

Traditional marketing makes you think about having to shout the loudest to ‘outdo’ your competitors. To persistently ‘pitch’ until you close the sale. But I want you to just think about the last thing you purchased, was it directly from an Ad? Ok, maybe you spotted something in an advert, but what did you do then? Did you buy straight away or did you do some research? More than likely you checked out the reviews to see what other people were saying. You asked your friends if they had heard about it or if they even had it themselves.

Social Marketing

Because of these new buyer behaviours Social Media has become an integral extension of companies marketing strategies. It no longer stands alone but supports the goals of the business and brings people’s awareness to new and exciting things they might want to try.  But just because it has now become so useful to companies marketing strategies – it doesn’t mean it can incorporate the same strategies into it’s usage. Adverts can be paid for and even followers can be bought, but at the end of the day the number of followers aren’t as important as the number of people who are actually actively engaging with your content and the number of people who are actually talking about your brand or business.

Active online users lead to better analytical data which can lead to better sales which improves your organic marketing for your business

So, don’t worry if initially you don’t have the €€€€ to pay for multiple adverts – your engaged followers can be your brand’s very own advert and advocates. Neil Patel tweeted recently that ‘People buy brands not marketing. So build something people love.’ If they love it they will talk about it and that’s a massive bonus to your brand or business. Here is where social listening really comes into play, see what your target audience are talking about. Has your brand been mentioned anywhere? And if not, why not? This could give you some key points that you might want to change about your current strategy.

Social Listening online for mentions of your brand or business can give you an insight into how your company is perceived, which can help you improve your organic marketing for your business

Being Social

Social Media is just that – social. Although it is another channel to reach your consumers, treat them as people not figures. Equally show them you are human too, it’s the ability to interact with your consumers 1 to 1 that encourages a better relationship with them – in time they may well be looking for what your selling and because you have laid the foundation, they won’t give a second thought as to who they should buy from. Carlos Gill give some great insights in his book ‘The End of Marketing’ as to exactly how useful social media can be to your business or brand and also some things to avoid! It’s definitely worth a read!

Niche & Target accordingly

With a lot of businesses moving more of their operations online, it can feel like maybe you will get lost in the crowd. You might have the instinct to broaden your product or services to try and catch as many people as possible, where in fact doing the opposite might prove more productive. Don’t be afraid to ‘niche down’ and really be specific with your targeting strategy, also don’t be afraid to venture onto different platforms – Pinterest for example is still under used, even though it has a massive percentage of active buyers. Not only this Pinterest drives higher-value conversions – could your product or service be marketed on Pinterest?

This is going to be something we can look into next week – What platforms should you choose? And once you have your accounts set up, what should you post?

With different social media platforms to choose from, which one is the right one to improve your organic marketing for your business

See you next week!

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