Organic Reach Strategies to Grow Your Business Online

When you are first starting your business there are so many things to consider.  What accounts do you need to set up, what insurance do you need to get and of course market research! Then, putting a good marketing strategy in place to get you those all-important customers!

So, when you think about your marketing strategy, does your mind automatically focus on advertising and how much you need to spend on which ad? Well, in terms of social media that’s not the only way in which to market yourself. A lot can be done to increase your engagement organically and keep those start up costs down. Obviously, depending on your business type there are just some things you will have to pay for i.e. business cards, flyers etc but when it come to your social media let’s discuss the benefits of ‘Organic Reach’.

So before we get going, let’s just quickly define what is ‘Organic Reach’? Put simply this is the number of people who view a certain post – it’s an insight metric that indicates how successful a post is in terms of it’s reach (how many people saw it). Now, lets look at a few ways in which we can help to improve that organic reach.

Who are you Targetting?

Take a look at the social media platforms you use and then consider how your potential customers are using that platform. Are they looking for entertainment, escapism or are they looking to research popular trends? Where can you fit into their browsing experience and catch their attention? Another thing to consider at the moment is that due to the current Pandemic everyone is online more, in fact ‘global social media usage has increased by a whopping 44%’ ( ) – This is actually a great article to read from Hubspot and gives some great insights into how some larger companies have changed the focus of their campaigns to be more approachable during the Pandemic, switching their focus from content to connection with their followers.

Connecting with your followers

Connecting with your followers is a massive part of your organic reach. If someone comments on something you posted, try and reply as soon as possible in a friendly and helpful manner. It shows that you’re attentive and that their comments are important to you, which builds the foundations for a good relationship and also fosters trust. Consider joining online groups and contributing to the ongoing conversations, it shows you’re present and up to date with what’s going on in your niche.  


Research what the best time of day is for you to post to get the most engagement and when are your groups most active? Again, during the Pandemic these times may have shifted – Spoutsocial gives a good starting place here, but see what works best for you and tweak or tweet accordingly 😉  

Improve their time online

With the increase in media consumption patterns, you may now also be able to reach audiences you might not have before. Confinement at home and restrictions in movements means that every generation has started seek out information from new sources and are engaging more with online content. From news to webinars, celebrity gossip to tutorials – think about how you can grab attention here and contribute your valuable information to enrich their experience. Take a look at the infographics from who doesn’t love a good infographic! It gives a good insight into the demographics you might be trying to target.

Try implementing some of these simple techniques into your own social media strategies and let me know how you get on, or if you need any help to get going, get in touch!

See you next week!

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